2017 Turtle-Stampede and Other Sundays

Sundays of May 21st, Jun 18th, Jul 16th, Aug 20th (Pursuit Race), Sep 10th (Hospice Race), Oct 1st (Final Turtle Stampede) and Oct 15th (Cradle Robber)

An irregular series of point-to-point splendours. As everyone knows, Sundays are for eking out the last hundredth of a knot of boat speed.
Current Registrants (for print)
Tim Aseltine8 Oui R OneMirage 33166
Jeffery Kepran50 CeilidhNiagara 26195
John Marentette99 SpitfireMelges 2477
Jim Halpin147 SkylarkMirage 35163
Brian Dawes158 ElevenOlson 30102
M. Bevins366 Blough MehCapri 25180
Lorne Seeger421 Against the WindBeneteau Oceanis 350163
Kenneth Blyth485 Sail Away 3Beneteau First 345 Shoal Draft138
Catherine McGhie511 Nauti DogC&C 27205
Dave Robichaud619 No ResistanceC&C 27 Mk 111205
Wayne Bellemore749 VagabondC&C27 mk3208
Wes van Beek911 There Be DragonsHudson Formula 21205
darcy fuller1454 cheersshark225
Joe Soles4154 VamooseViking 28 IB RF183
K. Johnson14031 ShenanigansViking 28 IB183
Gary Gavin24998 RaiderViking 28 IB183

Notice of Race

Venue & Organizing Authority

South Port Sailing Club
210 Brighton Road
Tecumseh, Ontario N8N 2L3
(519) 979 SPSC

SPSC Racing Director & Series Chairman ..... Darcy Fuller

2017 Turtle Stampede Races

The Turtle Stampede races are a loosely-bound set of point-to-point splendours. Each will be organized a few days prior to the race. Those registered will be contacted with the details as they become available. Sailing instructions, such as they are, will be very informal.

Competitors will be responsible to record their own times. Handicapping will be time-on-time using Essex County PHRF handicaps.

Together with the Sunday Pursuit Race, Hospice Race and the Cradle Robber Race these will form a series of to keep your Sundays busy. The Cradle Robber Race is the jack-in-the-box. The Pursuit, Hospice and Cradle Robber Races will have separate registrations, more formal notices of race and sailing instructions.

2017 Turtle Stampede Races
Last Updated
Latest Race #4 Oct 1 Sun, Oct 1