Racing 2017 — Notice to Competitors — Monday Rating Glitches

It has come to my attention (Matt Draisey — in effect the chief Monday handicapper) that two boats have been racing without the benefit of the previous years' imputed ratings. All boats that race on Mondays have a base rating and a list of seven imputed ratings from previous races. These constitute a boat's handicap certificate and can be monitored on the scratch sheet page. This certificate is supposed to roll over year to year.

With the complete automation of registration there was an opportunity for boats which differed in their name or sail number to not match up with last years results and end up with a virgin handicap based on the ECPHRF handicap provided in the registration form. Human intervention was required to match up boats properly. This showed up quite obviously on the scratch sheet with two entries for one boat, with the new name and ratings in the list of registered boats and the old name and ratings in the list of unregistered boats. I have not been following the results very closely this year and no one caught the discrepency. It has had a major impact on Against the Wind's corrected times, which should have been much better.

According to RRS 90.3(c): When the race committee determines from its own records or observations that it has scored a boat incorrectly, it shall correct the error and make the corrected scores available to competitors. Although I don't serve on the RC this year I have taken it upon myself to post amended results. If you think I have acted improperly, I'm sure Darcy would be delighted to accept you onto the committee.

I would also be delighted if someone would take an interest in Monday night handicapping. It is mostly automated, but does require a certain degree of monitoring.

Matt Draisey

P.S. Speaking of the complete automation of registration — there are still a few boats that haven't registered and therefore cannot receive results. Unlike previous years, the scorer cannot register a boat on behalf of a competitor; an actual signed entry is required in the online registration database.