Racing 2021 — Notice to Competitors — Thursday Series Dates Changed

Thursday Series Dates Changed to Match WYC

As of Mar 28th

Open Series Delayed by One Week to Match WYC Summer Break

This has the knock on effect of adding an extra race on July 1st to the end of the Spring Series and pushing back the entire Fall series by one week. The Fall Series will now start on August 19th and end on September 30th.

The Monday Series will also have a matching cadence will eight scheduled races from May 17th through July 5th, a five week summer gap from July 12th through August 9th, and then resuming with seven scheduled races from August 16th through September 27th. Monday races will not overlap with the Open Series at all. Monday racers are encouraged to register for the Open Series in a JOG or PHRF class.

To Recap

Spring Series8 weeksMay 13th – July 1st
Open Series6 weeksJuly 8th – August 12th
Fall Series7 weeksAugust 19th – September 30th
Monday Series
Beginning8 weeksMay 17th – July 5th
Gap5 weeksRe: the Open Series
Continuing7 weeksAugust 16th – September 27th