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SPSC 2018 Race Results

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PHRF — Time-on-Time Handicapping

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Combined PHRF A & B
1100Wave EquationWesley ArthurWavelength 24123
299SpitfireJohn MarentetteMelges 24415
331RushMike GozzardMelges 24246
4221SlipperyJim PearsonMelges 20336
51010 ForwardWill LightfootMirage 338 XDK5510
64154VamooseJoe SolesViking 28 IB RF7613
7158ElevenBrian DawesOlson 306713
8366Blough MehM. BevinsCapri 2518
11009ScallywagJohn BakerShark314
21028AspenAlex BakerShark224
31037Mo RegnierMo RegnierShark145
41829MegabyteJohn ShawShark437
See the handicapping comparison page to see time-on-distance and time-on-time corrected times side-by-side.

SPSC Racing Director Brian Dawes

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