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ECPA and SPSC — Fixed Time-on-Distance (ToD) and Time-on-Time (ToT) Handicapping

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Standard Time-on-Time Mapping: GPHSPSC =
900+10/6×(PHRFECPA−150) when PHRFECPA ≤ 150
1000+10/5×(PHRFECPA−200) when 150 ≤ PHRFECPA ≤ 250
1100+10/6×(PHRFECPA−250) when 250 ≤ PHRFECPA

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This page shows hypothetical results for Monday races with fixed handicapping. Monday results are based on a rolling handicap — there are many possible choices for the fixed handicap. The scoring programme has already thrown away the underlying ECPA JOG rating that had been used to derive a standard handicap in the form of a general purpose handicap (GPH); this standard handicap has been recorded in a rounded form so the inferred ECPA JOG ratings may not be exact. And without certificate data this is only a best guess for what a ECPA rating would be.

Mondays use elapsed times to impute handicaps for subsequent races. There is one degree of freedom for each race which must be determined somehow. Using the standard handicap to regress this degree of freedom prevents gauge drift over time — after seeding the rolling handicap this is the only use for the standard handicap. The difference between a boat's standard handicap and its rolling handicap can be quite large.

Here we show time-on-distance handicapping with the inferred ECPA PHRF rating and time-on-time handicapping with the Monday standard handicap as a GPH. The results from either of these fixed handicapping schemes should be quite similar. Neither will be representative of results with rolling handicapping.

See the 2022 Monday Handicapping Synopsis.
Also see the Time-on-Distance versus Time-on-Time PHRF Handicapping on Lake St. Clair document for a general explanation of PHRF handicapping.

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