A quick update to the racing plans for this year. As you are aware the RC boat was not launched due to concerns about it structural condition and seaworthiness. That boat being the primary method to get our marks out into the proper positions. The concrete blocks and relative lengths of chain and the marks can be quite hard on a fibreglass deck. There are issues with the work barge due to where it is stored and how to get it into position to be launched. With few other options we must devise a way to get the marks out with our own sailboats without damaging them.

Hopefully we will get some cooperation from the weather over the next few days and be able to get the marks set. The first race or two may have to be abandoned but we are trying to get them to happen on schedule.

Stay tuned and we will update as things happen.

In the mean time the mark positions will be as follows. Mark “0” is a reference point and we have no plans to set it out at this time.

Coordinates of Fixed Marks

  • Mark Latitude Longitude

  • 42’20.730N 082’50.240W
  1. 42’21.128N 082’49.832W
  2. 42”20.798N 082’49.572W
  3. 42’20.427N 082’49.703W
  4. 42’20.234N 082’50.149W
  5. 42’20.332N 082’50.648W
  6. 42’20.662N 082’50.908W
  7. 42’21.033N 082’50.777W
  8. 42’21.226N 082’50.331W