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South Port Sailing School 2017

South Port Sailing School is moving to a full day program starting in 2017. This new format will bring us in line with Sailing School programs around Ontario. It will provide 10 additional hours of instruction and give Coaches an opportunity to provide more continuity in instruction. As an added benefit this change may provide families a little more flexibility in planning summer getaways.

Students will be asked to bring a lunch, and supervision will be provided over the brief lunch break. Students will not be allowed to leave South Port property during this break, unless it's with a parent.

Fees are being raised this year to cover the extra hours of instruction, and to make up for government grants which up until this year, subsidized the Coaches' salaries. Our fees are still the lowest in the province and when broken down, come to $5.35 per hour of instruction per student.

Advancing Sailors: Questions and Concerns

Traditionally the SPSC Sailing School has set a high standard of achievement for its students to insure they move through the levels with confidence and the required base skills. Many of the current instructors frequently repeated levels to meet the program requirements.

In the past, instructors have felt parental pressure to advance sailors who had not achieved the required competence to advance. Obviously this would create serious concerns if, while in advanced levels, the sailor was unable to demonstrate the required skills - especially when some were necessary to sail independently on the Great Lakes

Please accept and appreciate that not all students will achieve the required skills on the first attempt. It is our goal to insure students can demonstrate consistently the required skills of the level being undertaken - a student that does not consistently demonstrate the required skills does not fail - the student has simply not completed the level. Please contact your child's instructor if you have concerns about your child's advancement. In most cases extra help can be arranged if you wish.


Safety Requirements

  1. Each student must have his or her own Ministry of Transportation approved lifejacket, vest type, at all times.
  2. Each student must be able to swim 50 feet.
  3. Each student must be able to swim underwater.
  4. Students may be tested to ensure they meet requirements.