Social Activities and Events 2021

There are a number of social events and activities planned throughout the year at South Port Sailing Club. Check out what is happening at the club and plan to join in the fun!

Do you have an upcoming social event?

The clubhouse and grounds are now available to members to be booked for special events such as showers, birthday parties, family gatherings and the like! An application (see below) is available to be downloaded and printed in order to be submitted to the Executive for approval.

Files for Download

From the Social Director

Email of June 25th

With the lifting of some COVID restrictions next week we will be able to gather in small groups (up to 25 people) at the club once again. The clubhouse will still be closed and we will have to follow COVID protocols of contact tracing and social distancing: so our options are somewhat limited. Your social committee is proposing a drop by Happy Hour on July 9th any time after 5pm. Since we are limited to 25 people on the grounds, visiting on your boat or with your dock neighbour is also an option. Please bring your own beverages and since we cannot provide food at this time, if you wish to eat, please feel free to bring your own. Obviously this will be weather dependent, but we will keep our fingers crossed.

As we get closer I will send out more details, but for now just put it on your calendar. Hopefully we can see some familiar and new faces out at the club once again.


Previous Years


Pandemic-aware 2020 social events.


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