The common bond of all cruiser is that we enjoy sailing. Newcomers and experienced sailors are equally welcome.

SPSC normally organizes around eight cruises each year, not including the occasional evening cruise to local destinations. The cruising schedules determined each year at a Spring "Pot Luck" meeting of interested cruisers. Individuals volunteer to be cruise coordinator for a specific cruise, arranging dockage and social events.

Most passages are between four and seven hours in duration. Some destinations include other sailing clubs, with who we have reciprocal docking privileges. Others destinations include commercial marinas or quiet anchorages. Once arrived, social events such as happy hour, light-hearted games, group barbecues or visits to a nearby restaurant are invariably organized.

South Port Sailing Club also organizes longer cruises to Lake Erie and Lake Huron; usually alternating each year. The duration, activities and destinations of the cruise is mutually agreed on by the participating members.

Picnic on Peche

Sunday, June 24th

Arrival Noon
Ferry Cruisers Welcome!

If you choose not to sail, the Ferry will be available hourly out of The City Marina.

Bring a cooler lunch, hang out, walk the trails and check out the ruins of the old Hiram Walker mansion.

Cruise In at SPSC

Saturday–Sunday, July 21st–22nd

  • Pot Luck dinner
  • Sunset cruise on the Lake
  • Back to the harbour for a Bonfire
  • Sleep over on your boat if you choose
  • Breakfast in the morning
  • Hang out Saturday afternoon

Metro Beach Weekend Cruise

Tentative ― Saturday–Sunday, August 17th–18th

Details will follow via email. Sign up sheet will be available in foyer

Great Lakes Yacht Club Weekend Cruise

Saturday–Monday, Aug 4th–6th

Details will follow via email. Sign up sheet will be available in foyer

The hands of time are wound but once; go cruising, it's later than you think

Completed Cruises

Cruise to the Sandbar

Saturday, May 26th

  • Boats leave the club approx. 3:00pm
  • Arrival & Dinner 4:30pm
  • Sign up sheet will be available in foyer
    • or contact Denise Asletine
  • Details in the May Soundings