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2022 Cruising


Year 2022 of South Port Sailing Club

Cruising in this year may be a challenge but hopefully, not for the pandemic that restricted us so much the past couple years. I am hopeful that the challenges will come from wind and weather and not from the effects of the disease. It is too early to know what restrictions may still affect us this coming sailing season. My hope is that we’ll be able to resume to what we experienced during past seasons.

On a positive note, places like the Bahamas were open with minor restrictions and Canadian ports of call may only require masks indoors. Whether you consider it good or bad the border will likely be open again, our US friends will be coming and the anchorages and marinas will have to be shared. Secluded anchorages will be somewhat less secluded than they were with only a quarter of the boats they usually held.

This season I am hopeful that we can do much more with fellow cruisers more inclined to enjoy the cruising lifestyle. Once again, your Cruise Director will head to the north Channel for about a month or more. Our boat can be found on most AIS apps should others wish to connect at some point. Buddy boating for those so inclined is possible. Talk to us directly for details. CPS will be putting on a seminar on AIS soon for members and I believe non-members for the basics of AIS use and applications. Another seminar on border crossing will be held soon, hosted by CPS, the Windsor Yacht Club and enforcement agencies from Canada and the USA. Exact dates and times should appear in our newsletter. Our first seminar on cruising was well received with as many members attending as allowed.

This is a short list of possible destinations with the type they are, dinner overnight or anchoring out for an afternoon, overnight, or longer.

  • Pelee Island, a marina or possible anchor (no potable water)

  • Leamington Marina, marina

  • Cedar Island YC, marina

  • Boblo Island, marina

  • Crystal Bay, anchor (BBQ back of boats)

  • Peche Island, anchor

  • Sandbar, marina (dinner)

  • Belle River, marina (BBQ or walk for dinner)

  • Lighthouse Cove, marina or TRYC as guests (out for dinner, BBQ, or potluck)

  • Sarnia, Sarnia Bay, XXX, or SYC. (approx 11 hr sail)

  • Bayfield, Kincardine, Port Elgin. (stops along Lake Huron)

  • Tobermory, Marina (close by anchorages- Club Island, Cabot Head/Wingfield Basin, Cove Island)

  • North Channel, many spots to enjoy, (anchor or marinas}

I would like to hold another seminar on things to know for those that are new to cruising. Topics that will help you make your decision to untie the dock lines and “sail away” a little easier and more comfortable. Some subjects we covered in the first seminar were anchoring, provisions, equipment, choosing a destination, weather, and gaining experience and confidence to head out on bigger waters and farther off destinations. Depending on interest we can get deeper into the details.

If anyone has any questions about cruising feel free to email me or chat in person, and remember several of our members have sailed farther afield and have experiences and knowledge that can be gleaned for information. Hopefully we are past the need for virtual gatherings. So, what would you like to talk about, I will welcome everyone’s input? Stay safe and keep sailing.

Ken Blyth, Cruising Director 2022
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