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2021 Cruising


Year 2021 of South Port Sailing Club

Cruising in the new year may be a challenge in a, hopefully, post pandemic world. It is too early to know what restrictions may affect us this coming sailing season. My hope is that we’ll be able to resume to, at the very least, what we experienced during the last summer.

On a positive note, friends we made while cruising were able to sail from Lake Worth to the Bahamas even with restrictions still in place by following the rules. We followed them from Florida to the Berries and on to Eleuthera, then to the Exumas and currently anchored off Lee Stocking Island, just a few miles short of the tropics.

Our last season, though restricted, still allowed us to enjoy the North Channel for a month. This season I am hopeful that we can do more of the same. I am proposing a list of Canadian destinations for everyone’s consideration.

I would also like to hold a few seminars on things to know for those that are new to cruising. Things that will help to make your decisions to untie the dock lines and “sail away” a little easier and more comfortable. Some subjects we can cover are anchoring, provisions, equipment, choosing a destination, weather, and getting experience and confidence to head out on bigger waters and farther off destinations. If anyone has any questions feel free to email me or chat inn person, and remember several of our members have sailed farther afield and have experiences and knowledge that can be gleaned for information.

Some of this, seminars and discussions, may have to be virtual until restriction are lifted. So, what would you like to talk about, I will welcome everyone’s input? Stay safe and stay hopeful.

Ken Blyth, Cruising Director
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