Scheduled Races

Pursuit Race

Would someone who does not plan to race like to volunteer to be race committee for the pursuit race on Sunday?

I would like to run it so that we only need a start boat and competitors can record boat ahead, boat behind at the finish. The handicap is built in at the start so knowing who you beat is simple. 

Course will be from the start at SP4 to R6 to DP7 to SP8 to finish at SP4.

Please sign up online as soon as possible, it is easy to scratch a boat off the list but a major headache to add a boat at the last minute. 

Thanks everyone, see you Sunday. 

Completed Races

Hal Ebert Memorial


shark logoSouth-Western Ontario Shark Championships

This Counter Regatta is sanctioned by the Canadian Shark Class Association.

You are cordially invited to attend the Hal Ebert Memorial South-Western Ontario Shark Championships, being held at the South Port Sailing Club, Tecumseh Ontario.

Open Series


Note that the first and second Thursday in August is also part of the Open Series. Six weeks of the best racing Lake St. Clair has to offer. Open to all comers.